National Reach

Using the podcast distribution model

The trend in podcasting as a distribution tool has been growing and shows no signs in stopping

In 2019 an estimated

144 Million Americans will listen to a podcast. 

Monthly Listener

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% Total US population 12+

Weekly and monthly listeners continue to grow

Weekly Lisener

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% Total US population 12+

and increase in all age and gender demographics

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Content has continued to get more focused and with more podcasts being created more people find content that is directed at them.

This means more people are getting accustomed to Internet distributed audio entertainment

It's Also Because How We Listen

Device Used

With the majority of people listing to podcast on a mobile device,

More people have constant access to this content at all times.

Smart Phone Owners

But Why?

While video content on sites like Netflix and YouTube provide hours of entertainment, there are two things that are still required: an internet connection and a screen.

For people who don't have the ability to watch a screen, Audio only entertainment provides safe Entertainment. 

And, with the option to easily and quickly download small sized content directly to your lap top or mobile devices you can stay entertained when disconnected



An average of 87.5% of all U.S. residents aged 16 years and older drive

A 2016 Study

On average, residents drive for 17,600 minutes a year


The average U.S. resident age 18-64 exercise 6,200 minutes per year

A 2012 Study