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This 4 week class is designed to help the voice actor break down audition scripts quickly so they can always find the clues to know what each script is really about. What questions can be asked and answered with the script or what must you answer for yourself to give the most confident performance you can.                                      

As a remote class, we will connect everyone over “Zoom.” Because this is a lecture discussion class more than a performance class, the information and student interaction does not change from the in person class. Same class from the comfort of your home. 


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- $225

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"Dude, my bookings have gone WAY up since I took your class. Just sayin'.

I have 3 sessions this week."

Tim Powers

Shane Salk is an award winning audio producer and director. A studio owner and a 10 year voice over veteran, he has worked in Commercials, Video Games, Animation. He is also a creator of one of the most successful audio drama podcasts of all time, "We're Alive." He is currently in production for the first season of a new epic adventure audio series. Having been on all sides of the industry, he has a unique perspective on breaking down a script. 

"Taking this class really changed how I was approaching and doing my auditions! And my bookings and confidence in them increased immediately. You won’t regret it - plus, it was really fun!"

Rachel McDowell

"I am so glad that I took this class and am ready and eager to implement what I learned. Thank you Shane!!!"


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