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Please Note: All talent must review and complete the COVID-19 SELF-ASSESSMENT & CONDUCT AGREEMENT prior to their first session.

Please be sure to read through the complete set of COVID-19 precautions/guidelines currently being observed at Shane Salk Productions.



Shane Salk Productions Guest,


The health and safety of our employees and guests, as well as all other production personnel, is our highest priority. In order to protect everyone, the following Policy has been adopted and is strictly adhered to.

Please be sure to read through the complete set of COVID-19 precautions/guidelines currently being observed at Shane Salk Productions and help us stay safe together!


  • Performers are permitted to record from personal or home studios, including with loaner equipment if needed unless the specific technical requirements of the production make it impossible to do so.

  • Cleaning supplies containing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved disinfectant, will be used so that commonly used surfaces can be wiped down before each use. These areas include:

    • All voiceover and audio booths.

      • Pop filters

      • Light switches

      • Volume controls

      • Headphones and their wires

    • All common area surfaces that could come in contact with individuals.

      • All restroom facilities.

      • Writing instruments used for signing documents.

      • Equipment, including script stands and monitor.

      • All cleaning and sanitization are to be performed by individuals trained in COVID-19 sanitization.

  • Performers are allowed to use their own individual equipment, including but not limited to headphones, pop filters, tablets, etc., and should provide prior notice to the studio of their intention to do so.

  • A UV-C wand may be used to disinfect electronic or other surfaces that are not conducive to using disinfectant wipes. These surfaces include, but not limited to:

    • Microphones

    • Keyboards

    • Headphones

    • Mouse

  • Sanitation stations, Hand sanitizer with a minimum 60% alcohol content and tissues will be visible and readily available in all areas of the recording studio.

  • Pop filter, wind screen, and foam pop filter over microphone – sanitize and replace after sessions.

  • Portable HEPA air filtration units are strategically placed as close as possible to the point of aerosol generation.

  • All scripts will be on screen and not printed.

  • Increase physical space between performers and studio staff to a minimum of six feet. No studio staff are permitted to be closer to performers unless the nature of the activity requires them to do so and the staff person is wearing appropriate PPE.

  • Performers should refrain from being at the studio until the scheduled session time.  Contact with studio staff and fellow performers must be minimized throughout the day.

  • No physical contact including shaking hands or hugging – even fist/elbow bumps are not allowed.

  • Masks must be worn at all times unless talent is in the VO booth by themselves and performing on the microphone.

  • All recording sessions will be conducted with each performer in an individual isolation booth.

  • Clients, director, or other staff besides the engineer will remotely connect into the session.

  • Studio will stagger start times of sessions so that talent are not arriving at the same time.

  • PPE consisting of a mask and a face shield, to be worn by anyone giving instruction to the performers in close proximity (less than six feet).




Upon arrival please remain in your car and call our COVID-19 Compliance Officer:

You will need confirm over the phone that you are not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms via a checklist. If all clear, our COVID-19 Compliance Officer will come outside to take and log your temperature. If you do not have a fever of 100.4 or over, you will be allowed entry and escorted to your studio.

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