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A Christmas Carol
Radio Drama


Spanish Version

This is dramatic Spanish audio re-telling of the classic holiday tale, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, with a full cast, original music, and award winning sound effects. Starring Film and TV starres Ruben Garfias, Pedro Pano and Alex Fernandez, this radio drama invites you to come along as Scrooge remembers the true meaning of Christmas. Being 1 hour and 12 minutes long, this is perfect for the whole family and as gifts. It will become an instant tradition for you and your loved ones.  Available in both English and Spanish, the project received a fantastic response and won a Parent's Choice Award. 


PEDRO PANO – CRATCHIT: Pedro ha tenido una carrera larga e ilustre. Sus películas más notables incluyen Ladrón que roba un ladrón, The Barrio Murders, GB: 2525, y Hunting of Man. Y como actor invitado en series de televisión como The Mentalist, Notes from the Underbelly, y NYPD Blue, para mencionar unos cuantos.


ALEX FERNANDEZ – GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT, OLD JOE & COLLECTOR 1: Alex es un actor con mucha experiencia cuyos créditos de película incluyen The Barrio Murders y Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Conocido por su trabajo en televisión, programas como Without a Trace, House, The West Wing, y Commander in Chief, Alex ha prestado su voz en docenas de juegos de vídeo y ha animado películas, como el Animatrix, y programas de televisión, incluyendo Family Guy y American Dad.


JOJO HENRICKSON – FEZZIWIG: Los créditos de Jojo como actor de interpretación incluyen Ladrón que roba un ladrón, Hunting of Man, y Space Banda. Él escribió Ladrón que roba un ladrón, y dirigió, escribió, y actuo en The Barrio Murders, GB: 2525. Jojo también escribió, co-dirijo, y actuo en la pelicula de horror, Stump the Band.

WILLIAM HOLMES - Director/Producer - Old Joe
For nearly 30 years Bill Holmes has been working in film, television, theatre, and comedy. WIlliam has been directing/producing in the voiceover industry for many of those years.  As the self proclaimed "Voiceover Doctor" he has been teaching and producing voiceover for the past 15 years.  He has directed and helped cast thousands of commercials working with the likes of Michael York, Gary Collins, Tim Conway, Ed Asner, Joe Mantegna and Rose Marie just to name a few. In films, William producing the multi-award winning feature films Stump the Band, Best Man In Grass Creek, The Barrio Murders and the award winning documentary Inspire Me: Weightless Flights Of Discovery.


SHANE SALK- Writer/Producer- Young Scrooge

Salk is among the finest radio drama producers in the US. With the knowledge of the shows from the golden age of radio, he brings a modern day feel to this classic medium. Having received awards for acting in both film and theater, as well as in producing, he finds the most important part of any project is the telling of the story.


Full Cast:

David Barrera - Reader
Kiel Holmes - Collector 2
Alex Fernandez - Collector 1
Felipe Vecino - Fred
Ruben Amavisca - Marley
Elan Garfias - Tiny Tim/Boy/Child Scrooge
Jeanine Monterroza - Ghost of Christmas Past
Elan Garfias - Child Scrooge
Maria Guzman - Fen/Belinda
Jeffrey Silcock - John boy
Jojo Henrickson - Fezzywig
Alex Angeles - Young Scrooge
Minerva Garcia - Mrs. Fezzywig/Scrounger 2
Jacqueline Lopez - Bell
Jossara Jinaro - Mrs Cratchet
Dina Leiva - Martha
Justin Henrickson - Peter
Eve Muller - Scrounger 2
Dina Leiva - Mrs Fred
JJ Garfias - Mrs John
Jojo Henrickson - John
Felipe Vecino - Businessman 2
Jojo Henrickson - Businessman 1
Minerva Garcia - Scrounger 1
Alex Fernandez - Old Joe
Ian Holmes - Man 1
Sean Brennan - Man 2

Writer/Producer: Shane Salk 
Director Producer: William Holmes
Co-Producer: Jojo Henrickson
Translation by: Felipe Vecino
Edited By: Guillermo Holmes  
Edited By: Sean Brennan 
Sound Designer: Shane Salk
Asst. Sound Design: Sean Brennan
Mastered By: Dave Berges 
Music By: Dave Beukers
Script Supervisor: Ashley Gianni
Engineer: Ron McCoy 
Engineer: Giovanni Ortega
Post Production Supervisor: Guillermo Holmes
Recording Facilities: Compost Productions
Recording Facilities: McCoy Productions
Post Production Facilities: Compost Productions
© Shane Salk 2011


RUBEN GARFIAS – SCROOGE: Durante décadas, Garfias ha tenido parte en varias películas y programas de televisión. Sus créditos incluyen Ladrón que roba un ladrón, The Barrio Murders, GB: 2525, Patriot Games, y Dragnet. Y los de televisión como actor invitado, incluyen The West Wing, Law and Order: LA, Southland, Chuck, Nip/Tuck, y muchos más.

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